Product Review: Vidal Sassoon Restoring Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

As part of the Elle Canada Beauty Box I was provided with a variety of products to slather, sample, and size up.  The first of these products which I have eagerly tested was the Vidal Sassoon Restoring Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.


As a fitness professional and physical education teacher much of the time my fine and colour treated hair is up in a pony or teased into a voluminous bun. As a result, I was intrigued to lather up with this product and see how it would repair my often harsh and damaging daily routine.

The product is said to “restore hair’s smoothness” and strengthen “against further damage that leads to breakage and split ends.” While using the shampoo I was genuinely surprised at the thickness of the lather, and after rinsing it out, my often tangled and dry feeling hair was already feeling smooth and stronger as if I had already conditioned it.

The Restoring Repair Conditioner also worked really well leaving my hair feeling very smooth. I often use a significant amount of conditioner on my shoulder length hair, but found my typical amount was way to much with this product. In order to give it a true test, I also used it without my typical leave in conditioner and Moroccan Oil which I also use daily to smooth out my breakage. I found that once styled many of my typical breakage fly aways were smoothed out and my hair was very easy to comb through instantly. The product claims to make hair “stronger” while I’m not sure if it has done that, it certainly left my hair easy to style and very smooth.

If you are hard on your hair, I highly suggested to check out the Vidal Sassoon Repair Series. They also have a finishing spray which I’m going to keep my eyes out for on my next visit to Shoppers.

Do you have a hair product you love? Share it in the comments below!

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