Time to Drop the Hammer! My Top 10 Motivational Fitness One-Liners

ImageWhile teaching indoor cycling and coaching runners, I love using motivational one-liners to pump the members up and get them moving. Sometimes (many times actually) I laugh at the things I’m saying, but it works!

Last night while running with one of our new run club members I laughed when she returned my “dig deep” one liner. She was telling me a story from when she ran her first 5km race a couple weeks earlier and knew she was near the finish line and told herself it was time to “dig deep”. This made me smile and think that maybe these funny phrases actually work.

So in the name of motivation, here are my top 10 motivational one-liners! (In no particular order)

  • Dig deep
  • Drop the hammer
  • Fire it up
  • Leave it on the floor
  • Push through
  • Keep it up
  • This is your challenge
  • Push your limit
  • Nothing can stop you
  • Time to get real

Do you have a favourite line not on my list? Leave it in the comments section!

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