Road to 70.3: Week 13

This week culminated in a couple epic workouts as I was reaching the max of my training plan for Seawheeze and decided to push my long ride a little longer to complete a full 90km. These workouts were also broken up with some blogger events which both involved workouts and were a lot of fun – more on those starting tomorrow.

Here’s what my plan looked like:


And here’s how it went down:

MONDAY: I’ve been feeling worn down after my last month of three heavy days, so today was simply a 5km with the TSX crew. My hamstring and IT bands have been getting tight and sore and without much rest have been impacting my other workouts, so I think this break was much needed and appreciated.


TUESDAY: Today was my scheduled rest day. A trend that’s been working well. I still taught a YFit class and a yoga class, but enjoyed the time during the day that I would typically be training to do some of my own work.


WEDNESDAY: Today I rode for 70 minutes then we headed out in a crazy rain storm for what ended up only being a 2.5km Tribe crew run. This weather was so bad – and we run rain, shine, snow – but we physically couldn’t finish, so people went on their way.


Later that night (after the rain had stopped) I took part in a great community event called THE exchange. It was a networking and community celebration event that included a 30 minute strength training class at Fuel and a 30 minute yoga class at the new Misfit studio on Ossington. Since I plan also had a 20 minute strength training workout this was a perfect event to be inspired physically and recharged mentally.


THURSDAY: With my first real day off without schedule “work” I went to Hamilton and spent the day with my dad. We spent 2+ hours paddling around Burlington Beach and finished with lunch at Hutches. I headed home to attend the Lole white tour I had been invited to as “media” but with time so tight didn’t get in my scheduled swim. I counted this yoga class as my second strength/flexibility for the week.


FRIDAY: Nancy came into town today and along with Kat we did a brick workout out of Cheery Beach. This was my second open water swim there this season and today it was DISGUSTING! The shoreline was littered with garbage, it smelt bad, but with others in and our goal races looming we went in too. It wasn’t until we reached our starting point that a lifeguard paddled over to us in her boat to point out the the condition flag was red, meaning swimming was not advised. Of course we were already in the water at this point. My sister asked the lifeguard if she would go in, she replied saying she would if she had to and that the standards in Canada a very high. The ecoli rate was 126, she told us how some countries don’t warn people until they are at levels of 200 or even 400 – i decided to swim on my back.


After our 1.5km swim we went out for an 8km run. It was warm, but the company was great and we ran along a pathway none of us had previous been on, but it gave us an epic view of the downtown skyline.


SATURDAY: Today was our epic long run with Tribe. Nanc stayed in town and we did 19km followed by some yummy treats to celebrate Seawheeze. It was a great way to kick off our final long run of this training cycle.


SUNDAY: Today was a scheduled 88km bike ride, however, following a wonderful Tribe Yoga Jam, Mark and I headed to the cottage for the night. The usual 3 hours ride took a little longer as we stopped along the way to see some places Mark had discovered on his motor cycle and to catch Pokemon. Knowing my ride would be at least 4 hours, I didn’t feel safe riding at the cottage at night, so enjoyed the evening with family and rode Monday – yeah long weekends!


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Getting Off The Road

Many of my running Tribe  run the trails in and around Toronto often. Finally, after a few months of hearing about it, I put aside my inner voices of “I’m going to roll my ankle” and “I’m going to get muddy,” and with the guidance of trail expert Alex Flint, and with the thoughts of the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series in mind, with my Tribe by my side I gave it a try – twice!

trail1For both runs we went up to Pottery Rd to hit up the mountain biking trails. We chatted about trail etiquette (stay single file, let people know about obstacles, and when passing let people know how many are in your group), safety (slow your pace, be aware), and some tips and tricks when completing a trail race. I learned that the space we were headed to was mostly “single track” which means single file, and that the distance of trail runs should be perceived as being half the distance longer when related to the effort of the runner – so this 5km run would feel more like 7.5km.

tribe2For most of this first run I was on high alert looking around at the logs and branches, avoiding the mud, and trying to remember the path. I felt like I was really focused on not falling and remembering where I was going vs enjoying the trail and having fun.

 My second trail run was definitely more relaxed and a lot more fun. It was another 5km, was very hilly, but although I still had no clue where I was or remembering how to get back (and yes I even sent an I’m lost text, although I quickly took it back) I was able to enjoy my surroundings, I ran really steep dirt hills, used as many logs as possible as balance beams, and this time just generally had more fun.

trail group

Does this sound like fun or what!
With Tribe we will be headed out for two more Try-A-Trail runs this month, if you are free (and they are free) you should join me!

Details here:
Thursday July 24th  or Thursday July 31st. If you’ve ever been intrigued by running in the woods and getting off the road – join us!

Any tips for running the trails for this newbie? Leave them below!