It’s My One Year Blogiversary

Last year I created this blog as a summer bucket list, as my summer holidays officially start on Friday it’s hard to believe it’s been one year already.

I’ve loved sharing my fitness tips, race reports, gear reviews, and physical education teacher strategies and best practices – really anything to get everyBODY moving and living a healthy, active life. So here’s a little summary of this past year.

My blog my numbers!

23,300: Total Views. Thanks for whoever viewed last to make this a nice round number.

8,727: Home page views

3,694: My highest monthly views was on January 2013

1,592: Views of my most viewed post: Gear Review: Lululemon Run: Bundle Up Jacket. This was my first gear review. For MANY months after writing it continued to be my top viewed post (even after I thought I wrote something new, inspirational and deeply profound this post continued to be number one), so it inspired me to continue doing other product reviews.

687: Best ever total views in one day – it was January 4th and a post titled My Goals for 2013

305: My views in June 2012 (the lowest month-also my first month)

2,106: My views to date in June 2013 (600% increase is kinda cool)

73: Number of comments

Not by the numbers:

Top five views by countries: Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore (Holler to my peeps in Singapore!)

My top referrers: Google Search, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (Pinterest is interesting – not to self, do more Pinning!)

Most viewed blog post: Gear Review: Lululemon Run: Bundle Up Jacket. (You read it above)

Least viewed: Hello World!. (My first post ever)

Post I want you to give more love to: An Iron Women. It was my second post, a few days after my sister ran her first half Iron Man. She did this race again last weekend and took a crazy 10minutes off her time. We’ll be headed to watch her race her first FULL Iron Man in August at Mt. Tremblant – it will be totally amazing and inspirational – so read this short post and get inspired to crush your goals!


So thank you for reading, following, and sharing my work with others. I feel very blessed to have this platform and am honoured that you take the time to read it. I hope you’ve learned something new, been inspired to move a little more and have had a little fun along the way.
Happy Summer!