3 Must Do’s For Fitness Professionals Wanting to Work With Schools

Are you a fitness professional wanting to share your passion for healthy, active living in schools? Wondering how to do it?

As a teacher, curriculum consultant for Ontario health and physical education, and fitness professional “getting in” is one of the questions I am frequently asked from the fitness community. You’ve got the passion, drive, and certification, you just need to get in the door. So, here are my three must do’s to help you get passed the principals office!

1. Connect to the Curriculum

Whether you’re looking to work with the cute little kindergarteners or high school seniors, every class has a curriculum to follow; placing your program within these guidelines will allow educators to easily see the value your program provides! The Ministry of Education website provides free, downloadable documents. It will help you make sure your target audience is appropriate and can provide further enriching content you might not have considered covering!

2. Meet the Safety Standards

All publically funded Ontario schools follow the minimum standards set within the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines. Whether you’re leading yoga, rock climbing, or Cross Fit, meeting these standards will keep the students safe and everyone having fun! Note that these are the minimum standards, schools, and schools boards may have standards beyond those listed here so do your research!

3. Keep it Fun

With the goal of promoting lifelong healthy, active living be sure to keep your classes inclusive and fun. All students should be active at all times maximizing participation and student engagement. Ensure all levels and abilities of learners are supported in what you offer and that each child feels a sense of success when your session has ended.

Special Thanks to Sweat Equity Magazine for helping me share this message in their latest edition. Check out the article below or get your own copy at your local Whole Foods or Chapters Indigo!