Are You A Weekend Splurger?

Whatever your dietary kryptonite, Vega’s #OneChange challenge is all it takes to start transforming old eating habits into super habits.

Vega has recently launched an adorable social media campaign to challenge it’s followers to make #OneChange for better nutrition by introducing us to four eating profiles.

Are you the Breakfast Skipper? 2115---January-Campaign-Social-Media-Shares_800x800-Breakfast-Skipper

How about the Number Cruncher?2115---January-Campaign-Social-Media-Shares_800x800-Number-Cruncher

Maybe you’re the Serial Snacker?2115---January-Campaign-Social-Media-Shares_800x800-Serial-Snacker

Or just in time for the weekend, the Weekend Splurger?2115---January-Campaign-Social-Media-Shares_800x800-Weekend-Splurger

Well whichever character you can relate to, Vega has something for you! Check out their one change website and find recipes and a healthy eating guide so you can make one change towards healthy living.

Me? I think I would be my own profile, the Sweet Tooth. So starting today candies and pops are being put away! How? water only for drinks is my first step and out of sight out of mind is my second.

What’s your one change? Let me know in the comments!