I’m in to Finish: NYC Marathon Class of 2012

While I know it is just over 4 months away, I am so excited to take on NYC again! I think it likely has something to do with my sister demolishing her goals last weekend in the Welland Half Iron Distance Triathlon, that I can’t wait to conquer mine head on.

In 2010 my sister had the joy of together rocking this race as our first marathon ever – hey, go big or go home. So I’m excited to take on the challenge again. This time with 2 more years of running and racing under my belt.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most:
1. Racing the 26.2 miles with my sister again. Finishing together – strong, smiling, holding hands like the cheese balls we are, and likely shedding a few tears too. This time as an added bonus our superstar coach, Kim Agostino, will be racing with us as well – No doubt she’ll be singing, dancing, and referencing random motivational quotes – which is why we love her – can’t wait!

2. Sticking to my training plan. I love racing because I love the routine and schedule training provides. Knowing my workouts months in advance and being able to plan and stick with them. This would be the part of me that loves crossing those goals off a list and my training plan is one thing to cross after another.

3. Sticking to my race plan. I can honestly say this did not happen our first time in NYC. We got caught up in, well, racing NYC! So I’m really looking forward to putting the race lessons I’ve learned over the past 2 years into action. Setting a plan for success and sticking with it – to me that’s what makes a great marathon.

4. Enjoying NYC. Although we frequently visit the Big Apple, it’s definitely a city I adore and never take my visits for granted. I am very excited to enjoy the race this year, as well as the city. To not be so nervous, to relax, and to have fun with it. There were times that I know I checked out of the race mentally, and that definitely won’t happen this time.

So my training will be starting soon enough, and I don’t doubt that come October my friends and family will be feeling a little like this:

But in the mean time, I’m enjoying reflecting and remembering on being part of the class of 2010, and hoping for the joys and experiences of what being part of the class of 2012 will bring.

Check out this 2010 time lapse, I think you can see Nanc and I at 0:25 😉