Longest Day of Play

One of the many things I love about my work at Ophea is that we not only promote healthy, active living in schools and communities, we encourage our own staff to get out and play.

Today was our monthly full team staff meeting, a day where all 30+ staff meet to learn and share about upcoming projects and hot trends/topics. Today we did something different – as a staff – a group of adults – we played!

Bocce, Badminton, Croquet, Frisbee, and Horseshoes were all on the activity plan and everyone got moving to their choice of sport and had fun. We connected as a team, we got to know each other better, we got active together and we played.

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This Saturday marks ParticipACTION’s Longest Day of Play event. June 21st is the Summer Solstice and the day with the longest period of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere – so why not celebrate it with play!

Use the extra daylight to go for a hike, play some Frisbee, get out for a walk or run, do something that is fun and playful for you, and enjoy the longest day and Longest Day of Play!

For more information on PartisipACTION’s Longest Day of play click here!

How did you play on Saturday June 21st? Share it in the comments!

June 21st: The Longest Day … of Play!

One thing I love about the weather getting warmer is all the great ways to get a sweat on outdoors.

Sweating For Social Good

If you read the Toronto Star this morning, you likely saw a couple of fabulous fitness events happening this month which support two great causes – now who doesn’t love sweating for some social good!

The first, the Toronto Fitness Challenge,  is a one day, action packed event encouraging it’s participants to yoga, Zumba, and Harlem Shake for Sick Kids Foundation.

The second event,  OM T.O. is a full day of continuous outdoor yoga classes led by many instructors from around Toronto with proceeds going to Colon Cancer Canada.

OM T.O. takes place on June 21st which  is already jam packed with fun events in the city as it is the Summer Solstice (aka the one day a year with the most hours of daylight).

Longest Day of Play

June 21st also brings ParticipACTION’s Longest Day of Play. The idea behind this event is to simply get up and play! Move, have fun, bring back those memories from when you were a kid! If you’re a family looking for ways to move together ParticipACTION has a ton of activities on their website. But there’s no need to get fancy! Go for a walk, put on those helmets and hit the bike path, or just find a tree and play!


To take you from day to night on June 21st, I’ll be leading my first Oakley Active event in partnership with Barreworks. You’ll find me at 6pm and 7:30pm leading a SpinRave – think glow sticks, black lights, and lots of fun. 6pm is an event open to the public and you can register here. 7:30 is for the Oakley Training Club (ladies only) use promo code Oakley to ride at 7:30 for free! – Register here. Hope to see you there!

So whether you are yogaing for a cause, riding under the black light, or simply getting your play on, on June 21st  get out there and enjoy the extra bit of day!

How will you spend the longest day? Let me know in the comments!