It’s About Time! My review of Focus T25

“No time to workout? I just found some for you”  is the header on the Shaun T FocusT25 promotion available from Beachbody, and this is exactly why I was interested in giving Focus T25 a try.  Sure, you may be running through your head the 7 minute abs scene from There’s Something About Mary, but I was looking for something that was challenging, fun, and quick – and from my experience with Insanity, I knew that Focus T25 would be exactly that.

BeachbodyFocusT25(2)The Scoop:

Focus T25 is a full-body workout in 25 minutes, with zero rest, for 5 days a week. You literally sweat from one move to the next for the entire 25 minutes (I added a few pauses for hydration and to wipe my sweaty brow). The workouts are formatted using Focus Interval Training which works every muscle group in your body consecutively, targeting on one muscle group at a time, before switching it up and working it again.

Focus T25 is 11 nonstop workouts on 9 DVDs, which are separated into two “cycles,” the first set (5 weeks long) being the Alpha which gives you the foundation for the series, and then the Beta cycle (another 5 weeks) which focuses on the core. You can also purchase an additional Gamma series (another 4 weeks) which is a purely strength series of workouts ( I didn’t try the Gamma series). The Alpha/Beta series also contains many of the usual BeachBody essentials including  a quick-start guide, nutrition plan, workout calendars, a B-LINES resistance band (15 lb.), and a 5-Day Fast Track Guide which includes nutrition and workout details you can add to the first five days “to get a head start on getting ripped.”

The Glows:

Here’s what I loved…

1. The Time! Shaun T did exactly what he intended on doing by giving a massively sweat inducing heart pumping workout in just 25 minutes.

2. The Motivation. It’s an at home workout, chances are you’re completing it alone, but Shaun T will inspire and motivate you to move as if hes was in your living room shouting at you as he does the fitness pros in the video.

3. The Fitness Pros. These people in the video are experts, if their abs don’t inspire you to push harder their realness (or excellent acting skills) will. You see them pushing to the max and it makes you want to do the same!

4. The Visuals. The video screen has many added features to help communicate with the user. You are shown the count down for the duration of the interval, the remaining time in the entire workout, as well as the name of the move and what’s coming next.

The Grows: 

…and what I didn’t:

1. The Cool Down. It  isn’t included in the 25 minutes. Once The video ended with an intense push – I thought how can that be it – huge mistake as an educated fitness source. But nope, there IS a cool-down it’s just in addition to the 25 minutes.

2. Sports Training. For many people this DVD series will be amazing. If you are into obstacle races, sport conditioning, or functional training you will love this workout. Personally I didn’t looove it. And it’s not because the content wasn’t awesome, it is, it’s just that personally it’s not my style. My time is valuable, and if I’m going to commit to something, I need to enjoy it and look forward to it – and although I was working hard and sweating up a storm – I just wasn’t in love.


Shaun T does exactly what he promises, providing a seriously sweat inducing workout (in the comfort of your own home) –  in only 25 minutes! If you are looking for something to motivate you to move and then quickly move on with your day, this is it! For more information click here!

January Recap

janpicJanuary has been a great month professionally and I’ve loved the start I’ve had to 2013. I just wanted to highlight some of my 2013 successes related to my goals and intentions and some other cool things that have gone done so far.

  • On January 2nd, I had my first segment as the fitness expert on CHCH Morning Live.  I was nervous leading up to the morning, the 6minutes flew by, and when I was done and got to watch it I was so happy with how it went – luckily CHCH was as well, and my second segment has been booked for Feb 4th.
  • The second week of January my wonderful two year stint as a run ambassador with the Queen St. West lululemon came to an end and the opportunity to stay on until a successor was found was offered, and of course as I move into an alumni position I’m very happy to continue to support my lulu family and the Toronto run community.
  • Mid January I accepted a contract with GrandFondo Niagara Falls as an official blogger for the 125km cycling race. I’m nervous for the race, but excited for the opportunity to share the experience and to challenge myself and move from my indoor cycling bike to the road!
  • I registered for the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon – woot!
  • I booked my first interview with Canadian Running Magazine which will take place on Feb 7th and be on the topic of yoga for runners.
  • I was asked by BeachBody Canada to do a blog review on Insanity. I’ve wanted to try it for a couple years know, so loved this offer and couldn’t say no!
  • I was hired to teach indoor cycling at the Toronto Shangri-La Hotel

2013 Goals Status:

Here’s a little update on some of my 2013 goals.

  • I registered for my 2 2013 Full Marathons! The Goodlife Marathon & Road2Hope, with a Boston Qualifier hopefully coming at Road2Hope!
  • One of my goals for 2013 was to continue to blog on a month basis, which I’ve done! And I’ve certainly been feeling the love from the twitterverse as well.
  • I also learned the name of “Grasshopper pose” (Thanks Vince) and am working on it!
  • Connected to SeaWheeze Mark and I are hoping to tack on an Alaskan Cruise before.
  • I received a really great looking healthy eating magazine for Christmas (thanks Santa) and had all intentions of sticking to my 1 new recipe a week, but it hasn’t happened – yet!
  • While I’ve certainly been doing my yoga and cycling I haven’t been getting in quality full body strength training, so will work on that with my new Insanity
  • I have found a new physiotherapist and things seem to be going well, so hoping the hip will be back to normal soon.
  • I continue to write H&PE related content for work, and it looks to be moving into a busy part of the year, so I have no doubt I’ll get three more resources added to my writing portfolio

My 2013 Mantra: “I am fearless, I am dedicated, I am blissful, I am blessed”