Confession: I LOVE at Home Fitness Videos

It’s the truth, I do. I love the convenience, I love that most videos are a comprehensive workout program, I love how fun and sometimes over the top they are, and I love how much of a great value they are (of course that’s when you stick with it for more than a week!).

garnfondo 027This is some of my collection (Confession 2: When I was taking this photo I removed some – sorry Richard).

Most of the videos that I’ve purchased over the past 8 years come from Beachbody which means they are more than just a workout video. The Beachbody programs i’ve experienced include a food plan with healthy recipes, a complete workout schedule, and often equipment like a resistance band.

When I used to think of at home videos I typically thought of programs geared at women, but over the years this has changed, and I know of at least a dozen guys who started working out at home thanks to Beachbody fitness guru and creator of P90X, Tony Horton.

P90X_3D 2012

P90X is an “extreme” fitness system which uses muscle confusion to challenge the body with strength training, cardio, core, yoga, and flexibility.

Tony himself admits to wishing he had access to the videos he later created early on in his life. Horton admits that in University he knew nothing about fitness and diet and if he had, his college experience would’ve been completely different “I probably would have had a greater attention span in school which would have led to higher performance on my tests. I certainly would have looked better which would have given me greater confidence.”

For me, at home fitness programs like P90X, provide a comprehensive workout I don’t need to think about, and total convenience. These programs can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, with limited space and equipment, and can be done at a time that is convenient for you. For me? I sneak in my strength the second I get home from work before I head out for a run or yoga. (Confession 3: I hate mornings, but wish so much that I could get up in the am and sneak in my strength then).

Do you have a fitness workout video that you just love? How do you sneak in fitness at home with limited time or space? Let me know in the comments!