Wild About It: Custom Mix It Oatmeal

One component of my Half Iron Man training that I haven’t shared to much about has been my fueling. Those who know me, know convenience is key for my busy lifestyle. I choose not to spend hours in the kitchen, so finding healthy alternatives is important.


At the start of August I had the opportunity to test out MixIt.ca for free. Mix It is an online custom breakfast cereal company out of Montreal. As oatmeal had been a staple in my first Half Iron Man training program I jumped at the opportunity to test out a new Canadian brand and continue my fueling with healthy eats leading up to race day and beyond.


So here’s how it works. You pick the base from an extensive list of items including quinoa hon, crunchy honey granola, classic oats, high fiber oatmeal. regular oatmeal, Shreddies, wheat pillows – the list really does go on forever. I picked regular oatmeal.

Then you add dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and extras. I added peaches, coconut flakes, organic pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, flax seeds, almond slices, and white chocolate flakes. Pretty much anything and everything that caught my eye, and believe me there is so much to choose from!img_4085

You pay for the order by weight and there is a little counter on the side of the website so you can play around with lighter vs heavier items to reach your own ideal price point. My order was around $20 for the tube. You also have to pay for shipping, unless you order 6 tunes.

Something that really impressed me was the custom nutritional information.Based on my personal order I received a personal nutrient guide on the tube. This was very cool.


Graphic from MixIt.ca

Another added bonus was the very stylish shipping container. You pick from 8 different styled containers which are 27 cm high. I hadn’t really looked into the size of how much I was ordering – you don’t have a choice – there is only one size, so I was quite shocked when such a large amount arrived. The average tube typically fills with 550-700g. of mix.


While I received this product for free I am absolutely hooked and will certainly be adding it as part of my regular meal planning. The price per ingredient is comparable to what you might get for yourself at bulk grocers. The options are endless and delivery was only 2 days after my order.

Check MixIt.ca out and be sure to let me know your favourite mix!

Little Grub Club Tackles Childhood Obesity

Back to school is around the corner and it’s a great opportunity for families to start fresh when it comes to healthy eating.

FullSizeRender(31) Tribe run mentor, and Ryerson University student Juleigh Giberson has launched Little Grub Club, a non-­profit that partners with GTA restaurants to help families on-­the-­go meet their nutritional needs.

Families are able to grab a free rewards card, collecting stamps at participating restaurants for choosing healthy eats, and then redeeming their card for great prizes. Kids can grab an educational booklet, play games and test their nutrition knowledge.

Current partners include b. good, Magic Oven, Impact Kitchen and Pulp Kitchen. Filled stamp cards can be redeemed for prizes like tickets to Skyzone Trampoline Park or a ride on Pirate Life Adventure.

FullSizeRender(32)“Little Grub Club isn’t just about incentives. It’s about helping families start a conversation about healthy food. By partnering with restaurants and businesses that share these values, I’m confident we can make a huge impact.” says Giberson.

For more information on getting a Little Grub Club rewards card, or for partnership information within the GTA check out the Little Grub Club website here.

5 Sweet Classroom Rewards that Aren’t Food

This post was originally shared on Ophea’s blog. View the original post here.

Rewards can be an effective way to encourage positive student behaviour in the classroom and around the school. When enforcing or revisiting desired behaviours, small rewards can often help students establish the activity and encourage maintenance of the new behaviour, with self-motivation eventually taking over, and outside reinforcement no longer being necessary.


Last week I was asked by a Hamilton elementary school’s Health Action Team to support their “Random Acts of Kindness Challenge” by teaching Kids Yoga to the classes which had demonstrated the most acts of kindness during their school wide challenge. This creative reward was suggested by their Public Health Nurse and selected by the students on the team. The day was fun for all and this creative idea aligned with the schools focus on healthy, active living, and mental health promotion.

While food rewards, specifically candy and other treats, are often used because they are inexpensive and easy to come by, these types of rewards can reinforce unhealthy eating habits, and undermine children’s diets and health. Providing food based on performance or behavior undermines Health and Physical Education curriculum instruction related to the healthy eating topic area. This includes expectations on making healthy food choices, as well as internal hunger and thirst cues, by encouraging children to eat treats even when they are not hungry.

Countless alternative rewards can be used to provide positive reinforcement for student’s behavior and performance. Consider these fun ideas when thinking of options for non-food rewards in your classroom.

1. Pick a different seat for a day. Students change desk locations with another student in their class. Consider letting students decide the arrangement of the desks for the day – who knows, you might like what they suggest and keep it!

2. Join another class. Individual student winners join a friends class for one special subject area (e.g., Phys.Ed., Art, Science).

3. Treasure box of fun school supplies. Individual students pick an item out of a treasure box with prizes that would support them during their school day including stickers, pencils, erasers, markers etc.

4. Theme dress day. If students wear uniforms consider a “no uniform for the day” pass for individual students or the entire class. Consider other theme days for the entire class including safari, favourite musician, sport star, or story book character.

5. Family night activity bag. Individual students take home for the weekend their choice of a “Family night” bag borrowed from the teacher including “sport night” (contains various balls and athletic games), “lego night” (containing various lego pieces and kits), and “movie night” (containing age and message appropriate movies).

So Teachers, how do you keep your classroom rewards healthy?
Share your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet @CatchingHeather!