Wild About It: Gaiam Blue Sundial Foldable Yoga Mat (2mm)

While Mark and I were on our summer work-cation we brought a “travel” yoga mat with us from Vancouver to LA. This mat came in very handy on the beach when we didn’t have towels, but was not easy to store as it needed to be rolled up and wasn’t as compact or convenient as it could’ve been. I ended up folding it which gave it weird creases and it no longer lays flat.


Photo from Gaiam.com

After we returned from our trip I was introduced to the Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat. This mat was everything I had been wanting in my other mat. Not only was it thin and light weight (weighs just 1 lb), it folds into a compact square with it’s almost perforated seems, making it easy for travel and yoga on the go.

This rubber mat has a sticky feel that won’t let your hands slip, no matter the temperature. I took it with me to last weeks CH Morning Live segment and while it was perfect to travel with various items from the ground – sand and dirt – got stuck and required a bit of brushing and shaking to remove.

This mat certainly impressed me with it’s size and it’s compact-ability. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for and if you’re someone who travels a lot, you should definitely look into it.

Available where Gaiam products are sold in store and online for $21.99.

For more information check out this video from Gaiam.com

Wild About It: Custom Mix It Oatmeal

One component of my Half Iron Man training that I haven’t shared to much about has been my fueling. Those who know me, know convenience is key for my busy lifestyle. I choose not to spend hours in the kitchen, so finding healthy alternatives is important.


At the start of August I had the opportunity to test out MixIt.ca for free. Mix It is an online custom breakfast cereal company out of Montreal. As oatmeal had been a staple in my first Half Iron Man training program I jumped at the opportunity to test out a new Canadian brand and continue my fueling with healthy eats leading up to race day and beyond.


So here’s how it works. You pick the base from an extensive list of items including quinoa hon, crunchy honey granola, classic oats, high fiber oatmeal. regular oatmeal, Shreddies, wheat pillows – the list really does go on forever. I picked regular oatmeal.

Then you add dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and extras. I added peaches, coconut flakes, organic pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, flax seeds, almond slices, and white chocolate flakes. Pretty much anything and everything that caught my eye, and believe me there is so much to choose from!img_4085

You pay for the order by weight and there is a little counter on the side of the website so you can play around with lighter vs heavier items to reach your own ideal price point. My order was around $20 for the tube. You also have to pay for shipping, unless you order 6 tunes.

Something that really impressed me was the custom nutritional information.Based on my personal order I received a personal nutrient guide on the tube. This was very cool.


Graphic from MixIt.ca

Another added bonus was the very stylish shipping container. You pick from 8 different styled containers which are 27 cm high. I hadn’t really looked into the size of how much I was ordering – you don’t have a choice – there is only one size, so I was quite shocked when such a large amount arrived. The average tube typically fills with 550-700g. of mix.


While I received this product for free I am absolutely hooked and will certainly be adding it as part of my regular meal planning. The price per ingredient is comparable to what you might get for yourself at bulk grocers. The options are endless and delivery was only 2 days after my order.

Check MixIt.ca out and be sure to let me know your favourite mix!

Wild About It: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

Who wears short shorts! With the summer officially here the season of short run shorts is upon us. For as long as I’ve been running my thighs have rubbed together. No matter my level of fitness this has simply been my reality. I spent years running all summer long in crops and capris until I discovered The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair.


I originally discovered this product three years ago while waiting for my flight at Pearson International Airport. I had time before my flight and wanted to see what was knew. The employee suggested this to me as a product to help the health of my hair, sounded good, so I bought it.

While heading out for a run that summer I had misplaced my typically body butter I had previously used on my inner thighs to prevent chafing and knowing the solid oil texture of this product, I figured this would work – it did and it was amazing.

Intended to treat extra-dry skin areas and lacklustre hair, this multi-purpose solid oil glides onto skin “for an instant moisture glow,” and is enriched with Community Trade argan oil from Morocco. And it smells amazing!

FullSizeRender(25)I started off simply taking the lid off and just rubbing it onto my leg chafe zones without actually touching it with my fingers. It is 70% oil so is appropriately greasy. It’s now two summers later and I now have no choice but to scoop it out with my fingers, and rub it onto areas in need, plus whatever other area to use up what is left on my hands.

This product is amazing and is a staple in my summer run gear. I’ve even taken time in transition to put it on during my triathlons.

It is available online or in store at a great price ($14 **currently on sale for $7**). The only downfall of this product (although it’s really not that bad) is that it has a natural yellow colouring after application. Depending on my skin tone the yellow can sometimes be very obvious – but it is so worth it.

If you like running in short shorts, let this Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair help you rock it.