Road to 70.3: Week 9

This week was absolutely divine. Most of it was spent at our family cottage which meant the car was packed to the roof with training gear, cottage gear, and my new stand up paddle board – and yes, training gear included my wet suit and my bike – it was packed!

We we’re at the cottage from Wednesday to Saturday and after a bike issue early on (both Mark’s motorcycle and my bicycle) I kept trying to remind myself we were on cottage time – which I was trying to convince myself meant no timeline at all – and for most of the week it worked.

Here was last weeks plan:


So I had this really great idea that I would be able to get all my swims done while up in the open water of Lake Huron. What didn’t occur to me was the temperature of the water, length of my swims, or even the water conditions. So as you can see -swims were out – but they also weren’t the only thing to get missed. So here we go…

MONDAY: Today’s two crew runs we’re a shorter workout which only included a combined time of 8km. It was very hot out and both groups were feeling the heat. I was also inspired by my sisters crew run the week before and we added some ABC’s to both groups as well as combined a variety of intervals with strength training for our Tribe run.

TUESDAY: Tuesday is typically my big brick day, but as we were headed for the cottage I had to work during the day. I had thought I had a media preview event this evening (turns out it was in July) so even after my evening became clear, I choose instead to pack for our weekend away.


WEDNESDAY: After training my morning client, Mark and I made our way to the cottage. We had a few stops on the way for business and lunch, and after 6 hours arrived. My brother-in-laws girlfriend who recently got into Triathlon was at the cottage and while I thought we might get in a workout together she had to take off, so I hoped on my bike and did a little out and back along the main cottage road into town.


THURSDAY: After yesterdays ride I couldn’t believe how quiet the roads were. I saw maybe 6 cars the entire hour. This inspired me to move my long ride up from the weekend and get it done now. I rode out to a city we pass through called Hollyrood. There is a popular ice cream place there (no I didn’t stop) and I wanted to see if I could get there in the 65 minutes I had planned – I could. The ride turned out to be much more hilly then I thought. The local farm lands provided much entertainment, as did being chased frequently by red wing black bids. This ride was bricked with a short run, and although my legs felt tired I challenged myself to hold what was my Ekiden race pace. It was a hot one!


FRIDAY: Today was rainy and ick, and the only marathon that happened was on Netflix – this was only my second time ever watching Netflix and boy did time fly – 6 hours of watching disappeared. I enjoyed the break, but could see how people could get into a chilled out lifestyle on the regular. So I decided to take today as a rest and did lots of stretching instead. 

SATURDAY: Today’s long run was all about checking out our scenic cottage views. 17km of an out and back which included dirt roads, regular roads, a boardwalk, and a wooded trail. It was awesome. My legs felt heavy and the entire run was slower then I would’ve liked – but something the workout is just about getting it done with. Later in the afternoon I got out on my stand-up paddle board – in my wet suit because it was so cold – I had decided I would swim when I got home, but that didn’t happen either. Tomorrow is the start of our outdoor YogaJam and I just wanted to everything to be perfect.


SUNDAY: Today was the day many people have been waiting for for months – the return of our Tribe Fitness YogaJam, this year with sponsorship from New Balance. I taught the 60 minute class in the morning, and after brunch hit the hay. Up’d mileage, almost 10 hours of driving, plus our first YogaJam had me spent. The break was nice, especially while away with Mark and while I might not have gotten in all my physical training – my mental health definitely needed it.

Next Sunday is the Toronto Triathlon Festival, so I look forward to a week of extra stretching and rest. Check out their page for fun community events happening on Saturday at the expo.

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Road to 70.3: Week 8

This week was the perfect combination of charging forward and holding still. It was a big build week for my 70.3 training but also International Yoga Day coupled with two evenings of Runners Yoga with Canada Running Series for the #Waterfront10.

FullSizeRender(20)Here’s the recap:IMG_2093MONDAY: I kicked off the week with my usual double sprint workout. The weather looked shady and all day there were threats of thunder and lightening storms, however they never actually came to be. The workplace crew from TSX did a ladder where we decreased distance and increased speed. The Tribe crew hammered out finish line sprints of 30 seconds followed by 2 minute recovery jogs. Both runs were lots of fun, however my hamstring felt very tight afterwards. Luckily for me my week of yoga was about to take flight.


TUESDAY: Today was International Yoga Day. Through my blog I had been invited to the local Lole White event happening in my back yard of CityPlace. It was a great way to start the morning, however my ouchie hamstring from the previous nights sprints were still tight. After seeing my chiropractor for my bi-weekly visit I headed to Hamilton where I met up with my sister and attended her run crews sprint workout. It’s always lots of fun to visit with this crew and connect with old friends. Our day ended at the Lululemon Burlington Sun Standing Still event. Over 800 yogis showed up to practice at Tim Hortons Field. It was truly amazing to see the growth of the yoga community in Hamilton and inspiring to see epic community events like this happening in my home town.


WEDNESDAY: Today were the first two of four runners yoga sessions that Tribe offered as part of the Canada Running Series Waterfront10 race expo. The expo took place in the South area of the St.Lawrence Market. This is a unique venue for this new race and the two 30 minute yoga classes took place in a corner near the exit. Registration for these classes filled in days and they were a pleasure to teach.

THURSDAY: Today started with a great brick workout with Kat. We did a 2km swim, followed by an 18km ride. We did a short out and back heading East towards Cheery Beach. Later in the morning I did a strength workout at Lagree – it had been a goal to get here more often, but that hasn’t happened yet. The day concluded with two more runners yoga classes at he Waterfront10 expo. A great way to end the day!


FRIDAY: Today was jam packed with errands as we prepared for our epic Waterfront10 cheer station. I was driving around town in the morning gathering supplies, then at 1pm finally got my workout in. A 1.5km swim followed by a 14km run. It was hot, but running pain free felt great. I taught at Barreworks and hit the hay early to energize for tomorrows race.


SATURDAY: This morning we woke way early and got ourselves to our assigned cheer station location to prepare to cheer on the inaugural #Waterfront10. Being the first year of the race we wanted to go over the top with our Tribe cheer station fun. In collaboration with Canada Running Series we shared our vision (co-created with the Tribe) and made it come to life – water guns, bubbles, new cheer signs, and pool party inflatables galore. It was such a blast!

After the race I was supposed to go to Hamilton and long ride with Nanc, but after this high energy morning in the sun, all I wanted to do was lounge on the couch – so I did.


SUNDAY: After cancelling on yesterday ride with my sister (and previously cancelling on Kat) I know had no choice but get this long ride in solo. 47km and just over 2 hours later I was done. I have a few 60 minute loops so rather then spending to much time looping High Park, I went East out on the Lesley Spit, before ducking back riding Ellis and Olympus Rd. Olympus is crazy steep and challenging and in my mind is my epic hill goal – my personal challenge that when I finish I am so proud of – and I did it – the slowest I ever have – but I did it and will use it as a base for the rest of my training. This was also my longest solo ride this training cycle – which was also important as it can be very easy to lack motivation to ride – I cancelled this ride three times – with two different people – but the fact I (eventually) got it done for myself makes me proud.

Goal Recap: Last week I had set the goal to be more prepared for proper fueling. I went out at the start of the week and made sure that I not only had training fuel on hand, but that I also had quality breakfast food to eat prior to my workouts.

Week 9 Goal: We are off to the cottage for most of next week. I’m going to bring along my bike and wet suit – so my goal is to continue to get my training in even while away.

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