Augusts HIIT Cycle Program and Music To Make you Sweat!

High Intensity Interval Training continues to take the priority in my indoor cycling classes. I love the jacked up heart rates followed by mid paced recovery, to quote one of my participates “that workout was wacked!”

Here is my latest program which I started using at the beginning of August and received a great response from the regulars at CYKL. Most spent a few extra minutes sitting on the bench before transitioning from clips to their running shoes.

So, whether you’re leading a class or going solo, give this workout a try! If you have a question around my coding or what more information please leave it in the comment section.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All times are in seconds.
  • I teach on RealRyder bikes which have an articulating frame that allows it to steer, lean, and feel like an actual road bike – hence my “turns”
  • The hyperlinks are to ITunes. In many cases links are to the album rather than specific song. Most of the time I’ve used a remix and on the album a few versions of the same song title are on the same album – just look at the time of the song to figure out which version. Or download the one you like best!
  • Enjoy!

Cheers (Drink to that)  5:30        Warm-up: right and left turns with short bursts of speed

Like A G6                       5:33        HIIT1: 0:15 :30 :45 :60 Fast Light Tension Seated /Recovery of same time

Where Have You Been 6:34        6min Climb– 2min Slow Heavy Seated, 1min Slow Heavy Standing  x2

Halo                               8:53        HIIT2: 0:30/:30 :45/:15 :60/:60 x2 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Till The World Ends   9:57        Climb: 0:10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 Slow Heavy Standing, repeat seated

I Gotta Feeling             6:12        HIIT3: 0:30/:30, :30/:10, :30/:20 x2 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Lazy Eye                        5:48        6min Climb: 0:15steady pace :15 turn R :15 turn L :15 speed push>

alternate 1min seated and 1 min standing for duration

Run the World             5:20        HIIT4: (Tabata) 0:20/0:10 x8 Fast Light Tension Seated/Recovery

Sweet Disposition       3:24        Recovery and Stretch

Homecoming               3:57

Slow Heavy Seated: slow cadence, heavy workload, seated position

Slow Heavy Standing: slow cadence, heavy workload, standing position

Fast Light Seated: fast cadence, light workload, seated position