What to Wear When You Run For A Cure!

This weekend is the big run. For over a month you and your team have been preparing for this day. With only a few days left, it’s time to think about what to wear!

Now the obvious answer is PINK! It’s the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure after all. But what else? Here are my top four items when heading out to crush some run goals for a great cause.

**Note that at time of publish the Weather Network is reporting 14 degrees with a chance of showers. So keep that in mind and dress for the weather! **

Running Shoes
This should be an obvious one, but I don’t want it to get over looked. You should wear a pair of runners that you’ve practiced in. They shouldn’t be to worn and should have enough cushioning and stability appropriate for your running biomechanics. With news of rain, consider a good pair of moisture-wicking running socks or wool socks which can keep your feet dry and can help prevent blisters.

On Top
A singlet, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt. Your attire will be influenced by your goals and possibly the weather. Consider a loose fitting tank top if you are planning on crushing the 5km with your fastest run yet. A t-shirt or long sleeve shirt might be more appropriate if you’re planning on a less vigorous and longer effort. Your fabric should definitely be moisture wicking to keep you dry and of course, the colour of your choice should be pink!

Down Below
Shorts, capris or long running tights are basic elements in any runner’s wardrobe. Look again for technical fabrics that will keep you dry. Similar to what you wear on top, you’ll want to have your outfit reflect your goals. Again if you’re wanting to hammer out an epic fast time, shorter is better. If you’re keeping it more leisurely consider capris or pants. So me, I don’t like my legs to get wet, so capris if it’s warmer and tights if it colder when running in the rain. Pink pants? Why not!
Check out my Pinterest board of running style for more ideas on sweating in something cute.

Even in the rain, sunblock is a must. Be sure to use at least an SPF-30 or higher. My sunblock is built into my daily moisturizer and make-up, so I know I’m always covered.

Bonus: Post Run
Also consider bringing a change of clothes for after the run, consider a long sleeve shirt or sweater and even a change of comfy pants. With rain you might even want a change of socks or shoes. The most important thing to remember is that you are getting out there for a great cause, so no matter the weather in your area, have fun, smile lots, and cheer loud!

Although time is ticking, if you haven’t already done so, you can still register to walk or run, donate or volunteer. Donate to my walk here!


5 Ways to Love Running

With only two weeks left until the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure you may be looking for a little motivation to keep you moving. Here are five ways to fall in love with running right now!

1. Set and Track a Goal!
I’ve chatted about big Run day goals in my previous post here, so now let’s talk about every day running goals. Each time you head out for a training run leading up to October 5th, find something to strive towards. Setting a goal for each run (even if it’s just to not walk!) creates benchmarks of your progress and a sense of accomplishment when you are finished.

2. Run Somewhere New!
Running along the same path everyday can get boring. Even if you need to commute to a nearby park or conservation area add some variety and beauty to your run. If you aren’t able to try a new location, how about running at a different time of day? Sunrise and sunset can change your route by adding some great visuals and makes your regular route seem extra special.

3. Find a Running Tribe.
Running with others is a great way to pass the time. If you are completing the CIBC Run for the Cure with a team, get the whole gang out on your next run. If you are entering alone, then meet up with other like minded runners through a local run shop or community group. If you’re in the downtown Toronto area, some join my group, Tribe Fitness.

4. Treat Yourself To New Gear!
Sometimes a cute running hat, a new pair of shoes, even some new socks are exactly what you need to motivate you to get moving. Check out your local sporting goods store to find out what’s hot, so search from home using social media sites like Pinterest. Check out my pins of running style and reward yourself with something cute.

5. Give Back.
If you can’t find the personal motivation to keep running, remember you are doing it for a great cause. If you haven’t already done so you can still register to walk or run, donate or volunteer. Donate to my walk here!

6. Get Social. Share your running successes and accomplishments online and connect with other CIBC Run for the Cure runners and walkers by joining the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

Setting a Running Goal

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is only three weeks away which means it’s the perfect time to check in or set some goals.

Training Goals:
How has your training been going? Do you need to set some goals to get out and train more? How about some goals to stretch after every walk/run?
Tune in to what you can do to make each training session easier and more effective and to what you can do now to prepare yourself for the ultimate event day experience. Sure, you can push yourself to finish – but wouldn’t it be great to finish feeling great!

Event Day Goals:
For me, when it comes to Run day goals I always like to set three.
1. That is my ultimate race experience goal. If everything goes off without a hitch what would be my ultimate finish time.
2. What’s a finish time that I would be happy with? Sure it’s not your ultimate goal, but it’s something that is still challenging, but doable.
3. The third goal never has anything to do with my Run day performance. It’s often a goal about having fun, taking a really great finish line photo. Thanking 10 volunteers on course. Giving 5 kids cheering high-fives. Something that is total doable, and will leave you and in some cases others feeling great.

Fundraising Goals:
What is your personal or team fundraising goal and how will you accomplish it? My goal is $300. Help me make it by donating here.
What are some creative and fun ways you can achieve them? How about:
• Hosting a BBQ in your neighborhood and charging $3 a hotdog or hamburger,
• Have your kids set up a lemonade stand,
• Take some of your old clothes to a local consignment shop and put your profits towards the CIBC Run for the Cure, etc.

Or maybe your goal is to get involved: Register to walk or run, Donate or give your time and Volunteer.
Whatever your goals are, the best way to make them happen is to share them! Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook and share your goals with others.