Beating the Heat While Out On A Run!

I was happy to team up again with my friends from Canadian Running Magazine for another running advice video. This one include 5 safety considerations for beating the heat while long running during the summer.

Check out my tips here in this three minute clip!


Do you have a tip to share? Add it in the comments! Happy running!

Yoga for Runners

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Canadian Running Magazine to share my passion for yoga along with my love of running. I put together a short sequence of postures I use which target some of the main muscle used by runners. These postures help to stretch out the body, build strength, and work towards injury prevention. If you’re striving for a personal best, personal awesome, or maybe just running injury free, be sure to integrate these stretches into your running program.

Check out the Canadian Running Magazine website article here and give the sequence a try after your next run!