My Goals for 2013

a year from nowWith nearly a full week of 2013 under my belt, I’m already loving what it has to offer.

On Jan 2nd I started the year off with my first morning show appearance on CHCH Morning Live. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but a goal which had fallen to the back burner until post NYC Marathon where it seemed to be in my face all the time, after a last minute guest appearance on the evening news. While this opportunity is set to be a bi-monthly opportunity, I’m hoping to can be something even more frequent. (Update, following the creation of this post I was emailed to make it a monthly deal and to give consideration to a “regular schedule” – yippie!)

If only all my goals would be that easy 😉 So here they are, I share them in hopes that you can hold me accountable and we can celebrate together on December 31st when they are done!

make things happen

My Official Goals of 2013:


  1. I have a consistent strength training program which allows me to live and run hip pain free
  2. I run two marathons.
  3. I qualify for the Boston Marathon at Road 2 Hope on November 3rd.
  4. I race the Olympic Distance Triathlon at TTF
  5. I cook 1 new recipe a week
  6. I can do this arm balance:

    arm balance

    I see it everywhere, but no one seems to know it’s name. If you do please leave it in the comments so i can more easily search the lead in postures. Picture from


  1. I am a fun, loving, and supportive wife, sister, daughter, and friend
  2. I continue to surround myself with people who support my life vision
  3. I complete my Masters in August
  4. I return to being student loan/debt free
  5. I take a family vacation somewhere warm!
  6. I run a destination race with my NYC Marathon crew (Disney?)
  7. I (finally) buy my own Stand Up Paddle Board and use it at least twice a week from July to September

 do more of what you loveCareer

  1. I post blog content at least three times a month
  2. I continue to build my personal brand through revisions to my blog/website and use digital tools to become a more effective user of social media
  3. I continue to support lululemon ambassador program through mentoring new ambassadors
  4. I lead a lululemon run event connected to the SeaWheeze half marathon
  5. In September I take a business course at George Brown and by the end of the course have a business plan for my indoor cycling studio.
  6. I am a certified Yoga instructor through the teacher training program at 889yoga
  7. I am a certified TRX instructor by September
  8. I continue to teach at least one day a week (two + courses) through Brock University’s Fac. of Ed. starting September
  9. I will provide a minimum of 15 professional learning opportunities through Ophea and write at least three health & physical education resources

By far the goal that scares me the most is Boston. Likely because it is the biggest unknown. So, here’s to a year of setting a vision, creating goals, crushing the goals, and repeating!

What’s one of your goals for 2013? Become accountable and share it in the comment section!