January Recap

janpicJanuary has been a great month professionally and I’ve loved the start I’ve had to 2013. I just wanted to highlight some of my 2013 successes related to my goals and intentions and some other cool things that have gone done so far.

  • On January 2nd, I had my first segment as the fitness expert on CHCH Morning Live.  I was nervous leading up to the morning, the 6minutes flew by, and when I was done and got to watch it I was so happy with how it went – luckily CHCH was as well, and my second segment has been booked for Feb 4th.
  • The second week of January my wonderful two year stint as a run ambassador with the Queen St. West lululemon came to an end and the opportunity to stay on until a successor was found was offered, and of course as I move into an alumni position I’m very happy to continue to support my lulu family and the Toronto run community.
  • Mid January I accepted a contract with GrandFondo Niagara Falls as an official blogger for the 125km cycling race. I’m nervous for the race, but excited for the opportunity to share the experience and to challenge myself and move from my indoor cycling bike to the road!
  • I registered for the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon – woot!
  • I booked my first interview with Canadian Running Magazine which will take place on Feb 7th and be on the topic of yoga for runners.
  • I was asked by BeachBody Canada to do a blog review on Insanity. I’ve wanted to try it for a couple years know, so loved this offer and couldn’t say no!
  • I was hired to teach indoor cycling at the Toronto Shangri-La Hotel

2013 Goals Status:

Here’s a little update on some of my 2013 goals.

  • I registered for my 2 2013 Full Marathons! The Goodlife Marathon & Road2Hope, with a Boston Qualifier hopefully coming at Road2Hope!
  • One of my goals for 2013 was to continue to blog on a month basis, which I’ve done! And I’ve certainly been feeling the love from the twitterverse as well.
  • I also learned the name of “Grasshopper pose” (Thanks Vince) and am working on it!
  • Connected to SeaWheeze Mark and I are hoping to tack on an Alaskan Cruise before.
  • I received a really great looking healthy eating magazine for Christmas (thanks Santa) and had all intentions of sticking to my 1 new recipe a week, but it hasn’t happened – yet!
  • While I’ve certainly been doing my yoga and cycling I haven’t been getting in quality full body strength training, so will work on that with my new Insanity
  • I have found a new physiotherapist and things seem to be going well, so hoping the hip will be back to normal soon.
  • I continue to write H&PE related content for work, and it looks to be moving into a busy part of the year, so I have no doubt I’ll get three more resources added to my writing portfolio

My 2013 Mantra: “I am fearless, I am dedicated, I am blissful, I am blessed”



Setting a Vision and Goals for 2013

2013 is almost here. So it’s time to start determining what it is you want out of this year and re-establishing the direction you want your life to go in. Whether you’re making resolutions, intentions, or goals, creating a vision for yourself prior to establishing any of these helps you to see and feel where you want your life to go. A vision helps you to provide focus and direction to your goals or intentions and helps you to discover your path. Here are a few tips for setting a vision and goals which to help you get the most out of 2013.

Setting A Vision

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in 5-10 years, what do you see, hear, and feel? Who are you with? Where are you? Then using a pen and paper, jot these ideas down using the present tense.

photo(6)If visualization isn’t something you’re into, consider creating a vision board to demonstrate the life you want to live. Cut photos and phrases from some of your favourite magazines and attach them to a canvas or insert them into a photo frame.

Still not jumping at the idea? Then how about going photodigital? Why not use a digital tool such as Pinterest to create a board of inspirational quotes and eye-catching photos. Pin to a board titled “Vision for my life in ten years” or “Vision for my health in 2013”. You can keep it private or share it with friends, and with the iPhone app can be pinning on the go!

photo(1)Another great iPhone app I love for dream creating, vision boarding, and goal setting is Getting Dreams Done. It’s simple to use, walks you through the steps required and won’t let you sneak ahead without doing the initial work. After creating your vision, you can set and track your goals and it has a calendar to hold you accountable to achieving them.

Setting Your Goals

Your vision for yourself is established, and hopefully through the process you started to notice some trends, so now it’s time to turn these visions into goals. Bring out that pen and paper, or open your app and start writing.

Step 1: Start your goal with “I”

Step 2: Follow up your “I” with a verb “I run” “I train” “I attend”

Step 3: Write your goal in the present tense – it’s happening now!

Step 4: State what you want and not what you don’t want – “I eat clean” vs. “I don’t eat junk foods”

Step 5: Give yourself a “by when” – what date will you complete this goal by?

My example: I qualify for the Boston Marathon by November 3rd, 2013.

 You’ve Written A Goal, Now What?

Create a system to get them done. Break down your goals into incremental steps and put those steps into your calendar or app. A step might be joining a fitness group or run club.

Tell someone about your goal! Find someone with a similar goal and share yours. This creates support for you along the process and holds you accountable.

My example: To reach my goal of qualifying for Boston, I’ve registered for a number of races already this season and I’ve challenged myself by adding another Marathon to my training schedule. I am currently investigating running groups in the area to join up with to help me increase my pace. I’m also investigating a variety of training plans which have been proven to support runners in making their goal times.

What’s one of your goals for 2013? Become accountable and share it in the comment section!